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want MY PERSONAL HELP, COACHING & SUPPORT TO HELP YOU SCALE YOUR SHOPIFY Store Across all channels From Just $297 PEr Month? 

Join other likeminded professional brands and independent retailers scaling with my help...

Here's What's Included...

  • World-exclusive Shopify OS 2.0 Technology 
  • ​1-2-1 VIP Coaching Call With Me
  • ​Personalized Growth Roadmap
  • ​Ecommerce Growth Academy (55+ Lessons)
  • ​Private Slack Channel With Direct Access To Me
  • ​VIP Coaching Clinic Replays
  • ​Collaborative Client Portal
  • ​Exclusive Private Community
Expert help, coaching and support to help you get results faster and accelerate your growth...


A Unique, E-commerce Coaching & Mentorship Program For 6 & 7-Figure Brands & Independent Retailers That Want To Learn The Shortcodes To Scalable, Sustainable & Explosive Business Growth Across All Channels...
Whilst Saving $10'000's Per Year On Agencies & Substantially Increasing ROI With Proven, Expert Strategies, Tactics, Training, Coaching, Mentorship & Support From A Multi-Award-Winning Growth Marketing Agency CEO & E-commerce Business Coach, Kristin Mark.
What is ULTIMATE Retail Pro® mastermind?

ULTIMATE Retail Pro® Coaching Program is for retailers that want to get results and accelerate their growth with my personal help, coaching and support.

It started in Jan 2023 with the aim of helping retailers...


I will personally help you with 1-2-1 coaching where I will take a hands-on approach to helping your implement my proven Shopify growth system.

Why Do You Need THIS?


- You have marketing bottlenecks in your business, you either know or don't know what they are...

- You have tired, slow, outdated Shopify store...

- You're tired of wasting money on expensive agencies and freelancers that over-promise and under-deliver...

- You're sick of poor results from DIY marketing strategies...

- You're overwhelmed with all of the ecommerce marketing information out there and just don't know what to do next...

Or you've just hit a brick wall and you know you need expert help to get to the next level and don't want to get left behind with AI...

If that sounds like you then I just may be able to help...

Why Is My Coaching Program Different?

Every other ecommerce coaching program on the planet focuses solely on paid ads.

My coaching program has organic at its core. Organic always has been, and always will be you HIGHEST converting channel yet so many businesses fail to maximize their organic growth potential before exploring paid channels.

Most business owners don't realize that optimizing your store for the search engines can have an enormously positive impact on all other channels, including paid ads AND social and that's what I teach. 

Traditionally, SEO and organic growth has been hard to achieve because it's...

- Too hard to learn
- Too expensive to hire others to do it 
- Too time consuming
- Too difficult to execute

But the good news, is that AI has changed all that for ever. AI has made SEO & Digital Marketing For Ecommerce...


*** This process will work for ANY e-commerce store, no matter what platform your are using!!! ***

This Program (1-2-1 Coaching Service) is for ANY existing Professional retailer with an ecommerce store that is willing to learn new ways of doing things and willing to put the effort in. I work with a mixture of clients, some turning over a few hundred dollars per month and some over $300K per month. book a free strategy session with me today to get a free business audit worth $497 & see how I could help!

Who Am I?
Multi-award-winning e-commerce agency owner, coach, mentor, 2CC winner & business consultant...

Kristin Mark
ecommerce growth expert 

  • Kristin Mark - regarded as a leading authority on Ecommerce, Growth Marketing, SEO and organic-growth.
  • Multi-award-winning agency - CEO of Kristin Mark Digital® established back in 2010 with 100's of active clients across the world.
  • Proven track record - worked with over 1000 6, 7 and 8-figure brands and independent retailers in every sector you can think of.
  • ​​​Consistently recognized - for the results that he delivers for his clients and has been responsible for $10M's of sales growth in the last few years alone as well as his own business.
  • ​Creator of 'AI SEO Content Formula' - a proprietary methodology for helping store owners create, publish & optimize UNLIMITED high-quality, high-ranking, high-converting content in just minutes... 
  •   ​Pioneer of world-exclusive technologies - along with my amazing team, I've developed some of the world's most innovative Shopify OS 2.0 technologies for organic growth.


the Benefits of working with me...
Save $$,$$$'s per year because you'll no longer need to hire expensive agencies, freelancers or copywriters for organic, paid & social media marketing.
Leverage and harness the power of AI to scale your business 10X faster than slow, outdated and somewhat inaccurate organic and paid marketing methods.
Create unlimited, high- authority, expert content in seconds using my ultimate master primes and prompts with some of the most advanced AI SEO tools.
Identify your perfect customer avatars so you can influence them with perfectly crafted marketing strategies for all relevant organic & paid channels.
Save enormous amounts of time on content research, writing and publishing that fails to rank, drive traffic and convert visitors and complete strangers into buyers.
Increase the accuracy of your marketing efforts. AI significantly improves the accuracy of what you do and why you do it and completely removes the guesswork.
Supercharge your rankings, traffic & conversions in days with my AI-driven growth strategies to accelerate your growth 10X faster than any other method I've seen
Quantifiable & measurable growth management using my unique data and analytics tech stack that provides valuable cross-network, cross channel  insights and reports.
This Program Is NOT Your Typical Ecommerce Coaching Program That Relies Solely On PAID Ads...

This is a PROVEN system for BOOSTING TRAFFIC & SALES across ALL Channels including ORGANIC, AUTOMATED MARKETING, PAID ADS & SOCIAL to help You DOMINATE the search engines and build a more recognizable brand in your niche whilst reducing costs and increasing profits by leveraging the power of AI, in an already proven growth system...

A unique, hybrid-approach to helping you scale your e-commerce business with expert strategies, tactics, training, coaching, downloads, technologies, done-for-you plug and play templates and multi-award-winning, agency-level support when you need it.  Here's the process that we'll execute together either in a small group environment or 1-2-1

Business Audit & Opportunity Analysis

We'll assess your whole e-commerce business performance across all channels to analyze your exact position to understand where you are right now, where you need to be, and what we need to do to get you there by identifying opportunities for growth.
  • We'll collaborate on your business data and analytics
  • ​We'll run a series of technical and strategic audits and reports will be produced
  • Get a personalized roadmap for you and your business - one size does not fit all 

traffic & conversion accelerator

I'll show you how to flood your store with 'high-purchase-intent' traffic in just a few simple, easy-to-follow steps helping you significantly increase rankings, traffic and conversions in just weeks.
  • Align your whole store with Google's algorithms, quality guidelines & 200+ known ranking factors in a few simple steps
  • Improve page load speed on mobile and desktop to optimize your store for maximum conversions
  • Learn how to produce great content that influences potential purchasers & attracts quality links 

AI SEO Content Formula

I'll show you how to create, optimize & publish UNLIMITED high-quality, high-ranking and high-converting content that turns visitors into buyers with my unique AI SEO Content Formula Method.
  • Eliminate costly agencies, freelancers, designers & copywriters  
  • Ethically steal traffic and conversions from your top competitors
  • Maximize revenue from your HIGHEST converting 'organic' channel

Automated Marketing Machine

I'll show you how to build a series of automated marketing sequences with my plug-and-play, done-for-you email marketing templates so that your business is generating sales on autopilot to maximise the profitability from organic email marketing.
  • Generate sales on autopilot with abandoned cart, upselling & cross-selling & repeat purchases
  • Improve average order values (AOV's) and customer lifetime values (LTV's)
  • Increase ROAS and profitability from customer lists you own

10X Google Ads For E-commerce

I'll show the exact same Google Ad stack that we use in our agency today to generate an average 8.32 ROAS to help your scale with Google Ads profitably - we always aim and strive for 10X ROAS but every business model is unique.
  • Learn how to leverage synergy between organic and paid optimization methodologies to supercharge your ROAS
  • Learn how to optimize and scale your ads profitably using data without wasting budget
  • Learn a proven formulae for scaling with Google ads for e-commerce

Organic Social Media Marketing

Learn how to personify your perfect customer avatars and audience segments using AI so that you can increase your brand awareness and exposure and learn how to influence potential purchasers of your products as earlier as possible in the purchasing cycle.
  • Personify your perfect customer avatars to target specific audiences
  • Increase brand awareness and exposure 
  • Influence, engage and personalize messaging influence potential purchasers

E-commerce Data Science

Accurate data and performance analysis is becoming increasingly difficult with new data and privacy laws. I'll help you navigate conversion and new GA4 data to assess, analyze and re-engineer your marketing efforts for maximum growth & profitability. 
  • Collect the most accurate data about your traffic, customers and potential customers
  • Analyze touchpoints and interpret to the data to make informed decisions about your growth strategy
  • Re-engineer all marketing efforts based on 'fact' - not 'fiction'
ecommerce coaching
Here's Exactly What You'll Get When You Work With Me & My New & Exclusive Ecommerce Coaching Program...


the world's #1 2.0 Theme for SEO
If you're not using RankHigherTheme® already, you'll get access to the world's #1 Shopify OS 2.0 theme for SEO, Speed & CRO used by some of the world's biggest retailers in their niche. You'll get multiple designs and presets to choose from that have algorithm aligned, optimized code for all devices, a page load speed of 577ms, it eliminates all duplication and, will save you over $3,000 per year on apps with over 60 SEO & conversion boosting features. 


1-2-1 vip coaching call 
Get an exclusive 1-2-1 onboarding call with me where I will personally meet with you to discuss your business objectives. I'll take a deep dive into your business with you, we'll look at your objectives, where you are now and where you want to be and I'll help you build a personalized growth roadmap and I'll show you exactly how my exclusive training will help you get there.


PERSONALIZED Growth roadmap
Together we'll assess your whole e-commerce business performance across all channels to analyze your exact position to understand where you are right now, where you need to be, and what we need to do to get you there. We'll benchmark your key data against industry standards to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for growth.


Ecommerce growth academy
Get instant access to my ECOMMERCE GROWTH ACADEMY which houses and hosts all of the easy-to-follow video training modules, tools, templates, and downloads necessary to execute my organic-centric, AI-driven all-channel growth system, simplifying technical SEO, AI SEO Content Formula, Google Ads, Automated Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Video Marketing and much much more. This training course is the culmination of my life's work of helping retailers scale (nearly 20 years).


I'll help you personalize my exclusive master preps and prompts so that ChatGPT is perfectly programmed and knows you and your brand better than you do so that it produces brilliant, high-authority, high-ranking and high-converting content that conveys your brand, products and personality exactly how you want it to be conveyed to your target audience.


automated marketing scripts
Get instant access to my plug-and-play series of automated scripts and templates so that you can start to generate sales on autopilot. These sequences are taken from the top 1% of my agency clients and are the sequences and templates that are converting the best right now in every sector.
ecommerce coaching program - scripts


private slack channel
Get direct access to me with your very own private Slack Channel so that I can help you with every step of my AI-driven growth system and your personalized growth road-map to success. You will have the theory and trainings from the Growth Academy and this 1-2-1 support from me will be like the Q&A tutorials - basically all the help, support and guidance you'll need to help you scale using my system.


Never miss a session. I know how things can crop up at times so just in case you are unable to attend any the coaching clinics, for whatever reason, no problem at all! Every coaching clinic will be recorded and uploaded to the Ecommerce Growth Academy so that you can catch up and never miss out on any of the valuable coaching provided. There is currently over 6-months worth of coaching clinic recordings uploaded to the Growth Academy.


Each client gets a collaborative client folder in a secure portal so that I have all of the data and information that I need at my fingertips to serve you in the best possible way. I'll provide you with the same tools and worksheets that I use for my high-end agency retainer clients so we can follow the exact same proven process that we are using to add up to 7-figure growth to our clients e-commerce businesses with my methodology..


Get direct access to me and members of my team with your own private and secure SLACK channel. This is collaborative communication tool with everyone involved in your project given access. From in here, you'll have direct links to all resources related to your project.


My aim is to build the most useful, helpful and resourceful community and environment of professional, ambitious and like-minded retailers who are eager and ready to scale with AI and where social, peer-to-peer learning can thrive. I will be personally supporting this private group along with experts from my multi-award-winning agency team.


1 mONTH TRIAL only $97!!!!!!
I'm that confident that my growth system will work for any business that executes it in the way it should be, that I am prepared to work with ANY e-commerce store owner who wants to be personally coached by me for 4 WEEKS FOR JUST $97, [No, that's not a typo]. FOR MORE INFORMATION, please start your application now using the link below and then book a call with either me, or a member of my team >>>

Case Studies & Testimonials...

B2C Automotive 

116% YOY Growth in 60 Days (updated)

“We've only just really started and we're already getting results so it's really great to see...I'd say go for it - the method is quite simple and the results are incredible really."

Rich Wood -
Location: New Zealand
B2C Homeware

67% YOY Growth in 120 Days

“At first I was skeptical, I'm just so used to being disappointed but...right now Jun/July our sales are 67% up YOY and I know this time last year we were doing pretty darn good!"

Brian & Janine -
Location: United States
B2C & B2B Men's Fashion & Apparel 

$335,563 Growth in 7-Months

“We almost doubled our previous year for like for like sales and we have doubled our turnover in the 15 months we have been working with you."

Chuck Bowen -
Location: United States
B2C Technology

$181,160 Growth in 10 Months

“Our website is receiving more traffic than ever before, email and phone inquiries have gone up and our online sales in the past 2 months are almost equal to the entire year before.”

Igor Kivritski -
Location: Canada
B2C Automotive

£0 To £419,664 In 18-Months

“The thing that helped me massively was starting with a good base, the toolkit that we gained access to which helped us understand key bits of the process regards to being search engine friendly, content and analytics really helped us push forward knowing we had a scalable platform."

Lee Turner -
Location: United Kingdom
B2C Women's Jewelry Client

395% Growth In 12 Months

I helped this women's jewelry client achieve a phenomenal YOY 395% growth in 12 months and the client is still working with us today.
Location: United States
B2C Male Fashion Brand Client

454% Growth In 30 Days

I helped this men's fashion brand achieve a phenomenal YOY 454% growth in just 30 days. Sometimes fixing just one bottleneck is all it needs. This one was technical SEO issues causing mass duplication - typical with Shopify!
Location: United States
B2C Male Fashion Brand Client

110% Growth In 90 Days

I helped this men's fashion brand achieve a fabulous 110% growth in just 90 days. Two bottlenecks, poor SEO and low Google Ads ROAS.
Location: United States
Hardware & Automotive 

76% YOY Growth

We helped this hardware & automotive brand achieve a substantial 76% year on year revenue growth with now a $1.4M T/O. This client has worked with us since the back end of 2020 and continues to work with us on an ongoing basis in 2023.
Location: United States
Jewelry & Accessories

2915% YOY Growth

Wow! This jewelry & accessories client has been with us just 9 months and in that time has achieved a phenomenal growth of 2915% . This client is now a 7-figure retailer in 2023.
Location: United States
Hardware & Automotive 

523% YOY Growth 

With more than a full years data, we helped this hardware & automotive client achieve a massive 48% year on year revenue growthThis client has worked with us since 2020 and continues to show even bigger growth in 2023. This will be another amazing growth story.
Location: United Kingdom
Sports & Recreation

319% YOY Growth in 12-Months...

We helped more than treble this sports and recreation client's revenue. This client has been with us for over 2 years and we're seeing similar growth in this year.
Location: United States
Health & Beauty

101% YOY Growth in 2021...

We helped more than double this heath and beauty client's year on year revenue by 101% in 2021 with our Shopify theme and our organic growth methodology. This client has worked with us since 2020 and continues to push hard with their SEO content marketing strategy.
Location: United States
Jewelry & Accessories

48% YOY Growth

We have helped this jewelry client achieve a 48% year on year revenue growth. This client has worked with us since 2020 and plans to scale internationally very soon.
Location: United Kingdom
Because I personally coach all of my clients, I can only work with a few clients at any given time so when my spaces are full, they are full. On every call, you'll get a FREE Personalized Growth Roadmap. If I can't help you, I'll tell you and you'll get to learn what you need to do next. All coaching is on a first come first serve basis and then you go onto a waiting list. 
Thanks, Kristin!
What You'll Discover...
  • PART #1 - The Top 8 MISTAKES 5 & 6-Figure Retailers Make That 7 & 8-figure Retailers Don't.
  • ​PART #2 - The Typical Multi-Channel Marketing Model That Shopify Store's Deploy Which Cripples Your Ability To Scale Organically.
  • PART #3 - The  7-Step E-com Blueprint That Is Adding 6 & Even 7-Figures To My Clients Ecommerce Businesses In Months.
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     Will ecommerce coaching work for any platform?
ecommerce coaching
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